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Mama Shelters by Kappa Acca - Business Bay Sale

Business Bay


Mama shelters at Business Bay by Kappa Acca Development is a new development with precious stones living in an iconic luxury building with 1-2 and 3 bedrooms. A life that promises you unexpected views and luxury you would never have discovered before, the identical but unknown is here. Entirely based on the development of the art class, which meets its standards, art presents itself speechless.

It is a development that intriguingly relies on a painting that will fill the colors of your modern life with many shades to beautify your simple life experience. Wild and wild energy that captures your attention and captures you under its glass, to never be out of place. An unexpected serenity where those who come in contact will experience the excitement that is in the air. The Life of Eternal Pleasures offers as much as you could ask for.

It will be the shining jewel of Business Bay which is one of the most promising and popular areas in Dubai. So you can live your life fully, with every outcome and source to be a pleasure. A land of opportunity and achievement that immerses you and immerses you in the natural beauty of the place that is expressed in its designs and interiors. To be the most identical and accessible site, offering unbeatable opportunities.

Features & Amenities

Mama Shelters by Kappa Acca gives you Living life at Mama Shelters is truly a luxury when you have the time and the equipment to enjoy the moments, and therefore this place offers you many amenities and services so rare that you will not find them anywhere else. So come and bring your life to a new world.

Master Plan

Living near Business Bay is an iconic pleasure that meets all standards and services and brings diverse communities together. Such a burst of life is rare when this site is a flagship of BUSINESS BAY due to its iconic and masterful creation bringing the best life to your prospects. Offers the best and most elegant yet captivating views. So come to this page and enjoy your next chapter of life with unforgettable moments celebrating life with joy and forgetting all worries.


Business Bay, a place when we hear it, wow! From our inner heart. These are not limited only to the simple life, but the fullest and most possible life where every desire and desire is fulfilled within the place.

A site that never requires its users to look outside, full of all possibilities and access. A home for convenience and connectivity, which is noticeable around the world. From academics to doctors, restaurants to restaurants, to pharmacies sports, yoga to spirituality, sports on health, nightclubs to showrooms of popular brands, etc. And everything you need for the most improved luxury is all here in a few minutes of access.