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One Crescent at Palm Jumeirah Sale

Palm Jumeirah - Dubai


One Crescent at Palm Jumeirah by AHS Properties Real Estate Development is a new development within Dubai, offering users a choice of premium, 3, and 4-Bedroom penthouses and sky villas laced with exclusive amenities. People can decide to come here and start their adventure while utilizing the most opulent living options if they want to live their lives to the fullest and at the highest level of luxury.

The ideal environment for users to profit from a variety of features and amenities related to health and fitness, leisure and entertainment, and sports and recreation. You will have the chance to live a healthy lifestyle thanks to the development of the infrastructure, which brings together various elements needed to give you the chance for a stress-free lifestyle.

Seize the opportunity to begin your life. Because it can satisfy all of your needs and preferences, the development is amazing. With all of your possessions and the accessibility that brings services to you in a matter of minutes, you can live a convenient and healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the lifestyle, which enables you to have access to everything you need, you can live a life that offers happiness and harmony.

Features & Amenities

One Crescent at Palm Jumeirah is outfitted with top-notch amenities and services so that residents can live stress-free lives there. The area's provision of access to opulent delights in dining, shopping, and leisure is another benefit to the residents.

Master Plan

When you decide to reside in the impressive One Crescent at Palm Jumeirah, you will be showered with first-class conveniences and a wide array of services. Luxury homes provide the ultimate in priceless luxury. supplying residents with a range of services, recreational areas, and other fun activities so they can live sustainably while still having a good time.

The location is quite practical, though, as it puts you close to vital institutions like hospitals, schools, and a huge number of other stores that customers need. a wonderful choice with excellent growth potential for both investors and end users.


One Crescent, which is located in the center of Dubai's Palm Jumeirah, makes life easier for residents by putting them close to a number of convenient locations, including airports, shopping centers, and supermarkets, among others, where residents can get the goods and services they need to live a happy life.

The location gives you access to a variety of amenities that are impossible to find anywhere else. possessing more distinctive features that permit the use of a variety of resources, amenities, and services, such as a school and a hospitality service.

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