Ascot Residences Overview


Ascot Residences by Nshama at Town Square Dubai is an innovative development that takes your life forward with new elements of luxury. Impressive facilities and amenities that exceed all expectations only make your life better and grander with the brilliant views it offers. It's big enough to enjoy the happiness here and the life you never imagined. Experience the glamor and glossy facades of this bespoke living room with a variety of soothing water features.

The interesting term is architectural genius and excellence in craftsmanship, surprisingly offering love and concern for the betterment of life. If you are truly looking for the ultimate in living with amenities and services to enjoy every minute for you and your loved ones, the brilliant, exclusive, and impeccable perks will fuel your life in every way. Living beyond expectations in distilled luxury that is the ultimate in every way, takes your life to new heights and infuses it with the bliss and serenity that is developed here with passion. A shining place every semester, elevating life beyond dreams with exclusive amenities and city-wide connectivity. Some international centers, business hubs, job centers, and hubs are nearby.

Features and services

Nshama Ascot Residences comes with luxurious settings inside and out for the residents of Town Square Dubai. Enjoy life with comfort, convenience, and luxury at an affordable price. Although designed with contemporary interiors and luxurious furnishings in the bedroom, kitchen, and entrance hall. Residents have access to many amenities, including hobby shops, a swimming pool, a children's playground, cafes, and home-cooked restaurants.

Master Plan

The extraordinary lifestyle beyond comfort and values ​​to be enjoyed. Connectivity is something truly extraordinary that takes center stage and at the same time allows you to live in an exclusive place away from the hustle and bustle of life. You can also take advantage of opportunities to enjoy the lifestyle with natural features and bodies of water at your service. Different places and important points make your life easy and accessible to different pleasures. With world-class amenities and services for entertainment, leisure, sports, and health, the site is also outstanding in its attractions and captivating intentions.


Ascot Residences is located in Dubai Town Square. The excellent central location away from the hustle and bustle of the big city also ensures that you are right in the middle of it all. It is an accessible location to almost all major landmarks, destinations, locations, dynamic infrastructure, and locations. The attraction gives you new opportunities to experience new lives and benefits that are only there to serve the users. All kinds of first-class institutions, places, schools, shops, grocery stores, restaurants, restaurants, cafes and more, provide users with a new way and lifestyle. Provide users with new forms and methods of happiness in one place that connects them to exclusive places like Downtown Dubai, DIFC, JVC, and many more places to stay. Important residences and exclusive entertainment centers can be reached in a few minutes.