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Tilal Al Ghaf

Elysian Mansion by Majid Al Futtaim Sale

Tilal Al Ghaf


Elysian Mansion by Majid Al Futtaim, at Tilal Al Ghaf Dubai, offering 6 bedroom resort-style Mansions, bound with the best facilities at your administration, these contemporary plan homes will additionally make a lifestyle choice with the fundamental fascination of the city.

The development takes motivation from Greek folklore's Elysian Fields. Each house furnishes you with the most ideal solace and educational experience. The designer wants to give its occupants the most one-of-a-kind and insightful chateaus with an agreeable way of life showing stunning insides and flawless exteriors. An Elysian Mansions joins nature and structure, closeness and friendliness, polish and effortlessness to make a feeling of having a place.

You might customize your homes by changing the designs, completions, veneers, and fittings. With enormous plot sizes, you might customize your preferred insides and outsides. Regular materials, like marble with veins, cut wood, and metals, are utilized to make houses that overflow with imperishable, intentional magnificence.

Features & Amenities

The Tidal pond, lovely gardens, and delightful environmental elements of light give a getting thorough association with nature. The manors combine insides and outsides to make a setting that energizes and loosens up the senses.

Each veneer tone mirrors the interesting magnificence of its home and delivers a tranquil, individual residing area. When you stroll inside your home, you will feel overpowered by an unobtrusive atmosphere of refinement. Each home embodies surprising craftsmanship while stressing excellent regular materials.

Master Plan

Each home in Elysian Mansions has shocking perspectives on the lovely Lagoon Al Ghaf, with a couple giving selective, direct oceanside access and direct tidal pond access. Elysian Mansions' undulating geology prompts a top-notch, 120-meter private ocean side, only accessible to residents. The homes are home to a few conveniences that make each inhabitant's life more superb and agreeable.


Elysian Mansions is situated in Tilal Al Ghaf's tranquil and selective Central Park, flaunting lavish walkways and a wonderful view of the encompassing scene. Craftsmanship shows and public regions coincide with profound forests and open walkways. The improvement reinforces the existence of occupants by laying out an area that is both far off from the hurrying around of the roads yet shut down to the point of permitting each person to appreciate city life.