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Luce by Taraf at Palm Jumeirah Sale

Palm Jumeirah - Dubai


Luce is the newest launch by Taraf Holding that includes spacious residences in Dubai's Palm Jumeirah. In such residences, which are modernly designed with fresh concepts and cutting-edge technology, residents can boost soulful living.

This amazing initiative involves designers who are well-known around the world. It is strategically placed in the city and provides residents with easy access to many of the city's top attractions. Every resident of the property can take advantage of the community's remarkable features and top-notch recreational facilities.

The development's objective is to provide people with a vacation home location where they may live in the finest comfort and enjoy the beach right outside their door. The project's 360-degree viewing platform, which offers a rooftop viewing space with a restaurant and pool levels to admire the horizon, is its crowning achievement.

Features & Amenities

The most recent innovative development, called Luce, offers inspirational facilities to let you enjoy your lifestyle with a sense of wonder and enthusiasm. Come unwind at this striking facade's shop spaces and opulent lounge areas, which nourish the body and mind.

Join this elite lifestyle that goes beyond comfort and luxury and treats people with its amazing amenities and services in all facets of life, leading to improvements.

Master Plan

The main goal of Luce at Palm Jumeirah was to give individuals a really innovative living area so they could live with their family and loved ones comfortably and effectively. The renowned B&B Italia presented their trademark brand designs for the apartments, which are the height of subtle elegance.

Additionally, residents can enjoy all the amenities and services within the complex. By participating in this incredible effort, locals can live secure lives.


The Luce by Taraf Holding is located in Dubai's Palm Jumeirah. A number of famous hotels, residences, and business establishments can be found in this well-liked neighborhood. It is regarded as one of the city's most exquisite sights.

The renowned Burj Al Arab Hotel is located within this city zone, and it offers sweeping views of the Dubai shoreline. It is a renowned man-made island in Dubai. Living in this neighborhood offers residents convenient access to several important parts of the city.