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TownX Luma 22 at Jumeirah Village Circle - Dubai Sale

Jumeirah Village Circle - Dubai


Luma 22 by TownX is a new development at Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) that offers you studios, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments with an attractive payment plan. Pleasantly cultivated like the getaway location where harmony and fun rule your existence. The concept offers supreme luxury to experience like a pro without any of the hassles of the establishment. A tranquil environment with natural components is created by the ideal fusion of luxury.

It's a way of life that has been specifically created for the occupants to enjoy themselves and live comfortably beyond their wildest dreams. There are numerous services and facilities available here that are known for providing the finest in luxury. With rich vegetation and calming water features, everything is closer together, bringing you and your loved ones the most joy possible.

Features & Amenities

With outstanding designs and impeccable aesthetics, Luma 22 by TownX provides customers the most up-to-date methods to enjoy life. an ideal site that offers natural beauty through lush greenery and other such features.

So that you have more time to create something genuinely great, you can explore numerous private locations for entertainment, leisure, picnics, activities, dining, etc. here. Deal with a fresh and forward-thinking style of life in this classy development.

Master Plan

Luma 22 at JVC is a master planned community that creates residences with the idea of future generations in mind. Users of the upscale lifestyle enjoy modern space that is comfortable and luxurious. world-class cuisine, spa services, beach access, places to unwind, and vacation sites.


Luma 22 In the center of JVC, Dubai is a unique luxury green development. The beauty of hospitality and weekend living is tucked at Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai. The website offers intriguing living benefits by taking care of all your exclusive and upscale lifestyle requirements. One of those locations where nothing is ever accepted and nothing is ever asked for. There, the concept of compromise is nonexistent.

Users find it soothing and don't have to waste time in order to use the services because everything is top-notch and distinctive. Major eating establishments, cafes, shops, retail, grocery stores, markets, academic institutions, and much more might be conveniently explored through the site's access.