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The Sustainable City Yas Island - Abu Dhabi Sale

Yas Island, Abu Dhabi


Aldar Properties' The Sustainable City Yas Island is a new residential development in Abu Dhabi that features condos with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms as well as townhouses with 3 to 4 bedrooms. aiming to promote the idea that "you live life as it should be," while mindful of the duty to protect and conserve the planet's natural resources for future generations. "This lovely place, with its heavenly way of life, was made to promote sustainability.

This neighborhood, which is tranquility located in one of Yas Island's most well-known areas, offers amazing opportunities and ways to have fun, relax, play sports, improve one's health, and more. a methodical strategy for building a sustainable city where the future is better. committed to enhancing your tomorrow.

Your residences and the energy-efficient development were built with several brilliant and magnificent sustainability features to assist you in saving money on electricity. a gorgeous, lush landscape that uses a water-conserving irrigation system. putting a lot of effort into using recyclables and low-carbon products.

Features & Amenities

Living in The Sustainable City Yas Island's breathtaking splendor is charming in and of itself, and the area has a variety of attractions for you to enjoy with your loved ones. The area encourages living a healthy lifestyle and provides amenities that make it possible for residents to lead both an active and peaceful life in comfort and convenience. Discover the most exciting and environmentally friendly way of life in this setting, which offers first-rate amenities.

Master Plan

The Sustainable City Yas Island master plan by Aldar Properties aims to build a better future with living standards that are at the pinnacle of luxury and innovation. a location where you can find the best water and energy-saving tools, a natural environment with water features, and other things not available here. a well-known, made-up way of living that allows you to lead the most interesting life imaginable.

Profit from the chance to give your future generations a better future. Furthermore, you are currently living your most wonderful times. As a result, these factors support a higher standard of living on an island when considered collectively.


The Sustainable City is situated on Yas Island, which is northeast of Abu Dhabi. The island, one of the most fascinating and beautiful places, is teeming with top-notch establishments and hotspots, including stores, malls, restaurants, cafés, educational institutions, spas, and other establishments, and it provides easy access to the city.

Visiting some of Yas Island's top sights, including Warner Bros., Yas Mall, and Waters Edge. globe, etc. to understand. You can lead the lavish waterfront lifestyle you have always desired. You'll feel more at ease and in tune with the environment when you're in areas that are surrounded by water.