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Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences in Business Bay Sale

Dubai, Business Bay


Behold the tallest residential tower, Burj Binghatti in Business Bay, Dubai, showcasing luxury apartments developed by Binghatti Developers. This unique diamond shape at the top of the tower is reminiscent of an actual crown designed by Jacob & Co, which will span over 100 stories and provide residents with an iconic lifestyle.

This Hyper Tower is the new word coined for the planning of this colossal tower in a prime address in Dubai. "Jacob Arabo" is the sole designer of this project which will soon be a masterpiece of residential development in Dubai. This magnificent structure represents man's quest to reach the stars. This new gem of the Dubai skyline will forever be known for its philosophically distinct designs and marvels in the real estate industry.

The partnership with Jacob & Co. will be reflected in the meticulous and elegant design touches that flow into the tower, ushering in a new era of luxury in the area. The development of a unique part of a contemporary lifestyle that is also fully equipped with new designs taken from the Jacob universe and applied in the real world.

Inspired by the impossible pinnacle of luxury, this new tower aims to break through the limits and boundaries imposed by everyday lifestyle. Experience the luxury of design combined with a commitment to the highest standard of amenities and services, including the provision of tiered infinity pools overlooking the whole of Dubai and its skylines, in addition to other services of this nature. The development of this amazing and magical infrastructure in Dubai with its more fascinating services and amenities and the continuous upkeep of its staff would further enhance the lavish infrastructure and lifestyle of the Dubai metropolis.

Features & Amenities

Burj Binghatti is the newest 100-story luxury residential tower, equipped with some outstanding service facilities. Inspired by the jewel in the crown, this facade is so attractive that it impresses everyone with its style and design.

Change the scope and style of your life by moving into the residential tower, which is the tallest in the area and offers you the best amenities and services for you to enjoy.

Master Plan

The goal of the master plan for the Burj Binghatti is to enable you to experience a lifestyle tailored to your premium perks and a high level of comfort. Bringing this seemingly unattainable crown to this area of Dubai as a jewel that enhances the city's infrastructure and the depth of its beautiful lifestyle.

Adding even more to the infrastructure and luxury of Dubai, where this jaw-dropping and magical infrastructure will be created, along with the most intriguing services and facilities and staff needed to run it.


Located in Dubai's Business Bay, the Burj Binghatti Tower offers residents a unique and stylish lifestyle. Users have access to deep living intertwined with a range of benefits, all contained within the expanse of Business Bay, which offers this world of high luxury and is home to the tallest residential skyscrapers in the world.

The location gives you convenient access to an upscale lifestyle by allowing you to easily travel to a variety of locations and routes, as well as major schools and colleges, shopping malls and work centers, destinations, and landmarks.

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