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The Sanctuary at MBR City by Ellington Sale

District 11, MBR City - Dubai.


Ellington Properties has launched a new project called The Sanctuary at District 11, Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City), Dubai, which provides Villas. Living close to the community's top-notch amenities produces one of the most incredible residential developments where people's lives are completely transformed. It's also one of the most sought-after residential developments.

The landmark provides its residents with first-rate premium amenities and top-notch facilities, all of which are designed to heighten the fun and amusement of luxury life. Community members don't need to travel outside the neighbourhood to access the amenities and services that are necessary for their daily needs because they are all readily available.

Features & Amenities

The Sanctuary has attractive lifestyle amenities available around-the-clock to benefit its members, who enjoy a convenient and comfortable way of life. Get more of what you desire or revel in the luxury of the development providing your every need.

Master Plan

The Sanctuary was designed with residents' comfort in mind as part of the master concept. The project's designers and builders set out to establish an opulent residential neighborhood with the goal of giving individuals a distinctive way to live within the boundaries of an environmentally responsible community.

Residents of the neighborhood have access to top-notch luxury facilities and contemporary conveniences, enabling them to enjoy life in an extraordinary and sumptuous way. The neighborhood offers its residents the chance to experience unmatched luxury.


Dubai's District 11 Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City), where you can find your immaculate address, is where The Sanctuary is situated. It is a well-known neighbourhood in Dubai, serving a variety of other residential and business buildings for city residents and offering easy access to a number of the city's most popular neighbourhoods.

The area is perfect for that purpose, allowing people to live in the city in peace and safety. Regarding hassles or difficulties, people don't need to worry about anything in this place. The locals can reach any location in a short period of time by travelling via this region.

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