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Nasaq 6 Apartments by Arada Sale

Sharjah, Alijada


Here is the latest version of Arada Nasaq 6, a residential building of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments in Aljada, Sharjah. Join the exclusive and artistic lifestyle in Sharjah's most popular and famous neighborhood, where a variety of first-class activities and services can be found.

You will have access to the best services to enjoy life to the fullest thanks to the excellent connection and convenience of the area. If you live here you will really appreciate the connection as it provides easy access to some of the best tourist spots such as Madar which is a fully equipped entertainment venue.

Residents of Nasaq 6 Aljada, Sharjah, can take advantage of the complex's unique location, which combines life, work, entertainment, leisure, shopping, and culture. The master plan for this truly comprehensive project, which draws inspiration from older heritage areas to offer your family a stress-free yet active lifestyle, is ideal for families.

Features & Amenities

Residents of Nasaq 6 by Arada can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle that provides full recreation and access to an invaluable opportunity to settle down. When you wake up for the first time in the morning, you will be overjoyed because green spaces offer endless opportunities for life. The residences are located in an area with easy access to art and culture where you can achieve the ideal work-life balance.

Master Plan

Nasaq 6 is part of the development of Aljada's master plan in Sharjah, known for its iconic standard services for every aspect of modern life, from education to entertainment. The neighborhood is positioned away from the maddening hustle and bustle of the city, where residents can enjoy first-class living comforts in green areas and benefit from an always-available active lifestyle. Head to the posh part of town where there is access to everything from the gym to the pool, green areas to fine dining, shopping, and more.


Located in Aljada in Sharjah, Arada Nasaq 6 is a gated community that offers a prime location in a beautiful area. Residents who live near major highways and transportation hubs find easy access to a variety of important locations, including business districts, universities, recreation, and retail areas, health centers and lifestyle, and many more. The resident can live a stress-free life using the hassle-free communication facilities provided in this accommodation.

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