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Chic Tower at Business Bay - Damac Sale

Business Bay, Dubai | Starting Price : 1.46M AED


Chic Tower by Damac Properties is the latest recently launched project offering composite design studios to 4-bedroom apartments in Business Bay, Dubai. Discover the new heights of luxury in the prime location known for the excellent benefits it has to offer in the immediate vicinity. An exclusive location that stands out from the rest of the Dubai areas where you are offered some of the premium benefits.

An exclusive, limitless lifestyle that holds the tastiest moments here to enjoy and delve deep into the truth of happiness in your pocket. There is no need to wander the world looking for affordable things as the place itself is one of the most outstanding in every way, allowing you to enjoy a more mature lifestyle.

With so much to discover and rejuvenate, the development comes with 07 revitalizing bathing areas designed to eliminate toxins from the body. Where hot and cold baths, salt baths, and mud baths offer you a unique life force, enjoying various benefits in this development.

An emerging embodiment of success and prestige in place of the already established place at great heights, bringing a whole new aura of life. With the pinnacle of fun, access nearby premium destinations such as Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai within minutes. The housing benefits that can ultimately be achieved make this completely possible in close access to the prestigious neighborhood.

One of the trending representational arts used to design this marvelous structure which adds so much to the value of Dubai's infrastructure which also comes from the home of Damac Properties and was designed by de GRISOGONO offering the ultimate enjoyment of immersing and enjoying yourself lose in the beauty of the ambiance. The distinctive and extremely sincere life, rooted in ultimate convenience and service, has a great impact on the better life of users.

Features & Amenities

Damac Chic Tower offers residents and guests composite benefits and facilities for living in high-end development. The center of attraction is the 7 revitalizing bath areas designed to remove toxins from the body and make the skin glow. With pools and pools, juice bars, spas and gyms, cabanas, and a playground, Lazy River residents here in this development will enjoy a great lifestyle.

The site hosts rare and iconic services to enjoy life with the most interesting options for each age group to participate in and enjoy a bright future life.

Master Plan

Damac Chic Tower is the newest new addition to Business Bay that will increase the value and market capitalization of all things luxury and convenience in the area. Here, enjoy life accessible to the smallest detail and luxury that you will not find anywhere else, a brand new emerging address in Dubai that is making itself a landmark that will completely change your life, and the whole scenario changes from normal to shiny.

Seize this brilliant opportunity and change the scope of your life by making small changes, all with the easy payment plans available to reserve your home and reach new heights of luxury and spark in life.


Damac Chic Tower is located in Business Bay, Dubai making all needs reachable within minutes from the location, so there is no hassle when staying at this top local ingredient with all sorts of needs and services nearby. Provides residents with all kinds of services, embracing new heights and needs for a better lifestyle, making things completely better.

A new center with key and major assets growing strongly and filled with new and upcoming projects nearby that will incorporate more valuable structures into the site and increase the luxury and value of the location. A central hub for business and employment, leading to various employment opportunities.

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