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Emaar Farm Gardens at The Valley Sale

The Valley - Dubai


Farm Gardens by Emaar is a lovely development offering luxury 4-5 bedroom villas in the Valley whilst being surrounded by nature. Each country house in this area offers comfort, reflects an exquisite interior design, and offers the luxury of an exclusive meeting place. The Valley's modern homes also feature a full-width swimming pool, an attractive internal layout, and everything needed for a tranquil, modern lifestyle.

Farm Gardens villas offer a wealth of entertainment and leisure options, allowing you to maintain a lavish lifestyle indefinitely. Right here maintaining a daily schedule means living it to the fullest to explore a greater range of existence with the ideal amounts of entertainment, medical care administrations, expansive grounds, and recreational activities. Farm Gardens Dubai villas are carefully selected and furnished with the utmost enthusiasm in The Valley. While all basic resident needs and services are readily available. The best of life is available to those who live in the valley, meeting their needs and expectations in all aspects of their standard of living.

Emaar Farm Gardens is equipped with every amenity needed to provide residents with a modern and opulent lifestyle. Completely enveloped in lush vegetation and aquatic life, the area lends a distinguished touch and usual scenic excellence to an undesirable setting. People can access its multiple aspects, from public spaces to retail stores, simplifying and improving their journey.

Features & Amenities

Amenities at Farm Garden Villas are attractive. Emaar properties offer a range of luxurious designer amenities and first-class facilities that encourage an active lifestyle. Parks and gardens, retail, and restaurants are all within walking distance.

Master Plan

Emaar properties offer the maximum capacity and convenience of the Farm Gardens The Valley masterplan. These villas are built with an architectural layout, and a refined and convincing design. A carefully thought-out and all-encompassing space with a high-end and fundamentally-encompassing lifestyle awaits you.


Emaar Farm Gardens Residences is located in the Dubai Valley and offers easy access to the rest of the city. In this way, residents can take advantage of the fast and easy navigation, while enjoying the services and attractions at the same time. The excellent connectivity allows you to connect quickly to various well-known places.

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